For advertisers

Somewhere among the millions of mobile users is your ideal audience. Whether you want to target men looking for cars or women planning to buy a house, we have them. We understand how mobile drives conversions, creating moments that matters for your campaign and we know how to engage your audience.

For publishers

We offer campaigns from leading advertisers, creating revenue streams for your mobile properties, whether it is on mobile web or mobile apps. By using Thumbad targeted ad technology you may maximize revenues generate from your inventory, and attract new advertisers from the Thumbad Ad network.

For media agencies

Support your clients with the best advertising tools on mobile targeting with Thumbad. We give you the insights your clients request, and that your team require. Our full suite of reporting and analytics tools helps you to always manage a campaign to ensure optimal performance.

Our Technology

Thumbad provides a turn key solution for publisher, that includes a great set of targeting tools capable of connecting advertisers with precisely the consumers they are after. We monitor and optimize ad campaigns, we design and create campaigns, and we track and report, giving you the insights you need.

The Thumbad team


Tor Olav Haugen

Mobile: +47 99229290


Carl Åhslund

Mobile: +1 787 504 8700