Programmatic Advertising as a Managed Service

Truly Independent – Fully Transparent – Driven by Innovation – Programmatic to the Core!

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We are a fully transparent & independent tradingdesk that powers the most sophisticated online advertisers.

Offering programmatic-as-a-service to advertisers specialized in distributing display, video and native ads. We forecast, set up, optimize, distribute, and report on relevant online advertising across all devices.


We deliver cross-device online advertising for display, video, native and in-app audiences.

We find audiences based on people’s digital and real-life footprints. Cross-device streamlines advertising significantly to connect online and offline behaviour. This is a unique methodology to reduce costs versus performance significantly.


We are truly independent minimizing marketers’ costs of buying media, by enhancing value in each ad delivered!

Our holistic solution offers added-value in every advertising dollar spent. We emphasize complete transparency, being independent, and tech-savvy with innovative solutions!

How We Are Different

Combining cutting edge technologies and proprietary methodologies to enhance and be at the forefront of Programmatic advertising.

Our straight forward model allows the advertiser to learn all costs and insights associated to Programmatic advertising. There are no lock-in agreements when working with us.
First-mover advantage by creating new and exciting ad products to unleash the real power in digital advertising. We present products such as Proximity, Audience/Klynge, TVmIKS, Cross-device capabilities and AI Planning tool.
Advertisers take advantage of ThumbAd's services whether they already work with an agency or simply would like to re-inforce their online presence with Programmatic advertising. We believe in minimizing costs by cutting out the middleman.

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Get audience insights free of charge

Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of our Planning Tool to unlock insights beyond accessible human capabilities

Determine Ad Groups

Hypothesizing smarter by evaluating digital and physical footprints and to capitalize on moments that matter

Optimize Ads

Get the best performance by analyzing data to improve to get better return on advertising spending

Business Intelligence

Drill down with customized reporting and the entire customer journey to learn more from your digital ecosystem

Creatives & Tags

All we need to get started from you. All other tasks handled by ThumbAd

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