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Take-Away/Restaurant – Case Study

By thumbad, posted on August 17, 2016

Take-Away/Restaurant – Case Study


“Client A”, hereinafter CA, needed to generate product/brand awareness and recognition in a new market. With competition from existing brands within the industry in Norway, CA sought display advertising services from ThumbAd.

With the ability to use geo-targeting in cities with pre-existing locations, targeting groups with specific interests and using attractive promotions from the advertiser, ThumbAd successfully created campaigns with an ‘Always-On’ strategy; including ‘Bursts’ to target a broader target audience during special events and/or promotions.

This case study looks at the success of display advertising of CA used over the course of one year with ThumbAd.
• Client created display ads to attract users for general and special advertisements
•Geo-specific; targeting users in proximity locations to where stores exist
•Results showing the effectiveness of using an ‘Always-On’ strategy

The Challenge

In order to compete with other existing and well-known Norwegian brands in this industry,
CA needed a solution to break through the market and obtain its own. CA wanted a way
to appeal to consumers who are online users, and promote special offers using digital

The Solution

By using programmatic display advertising, ThumbAd was able to raise awareness for CA
to their target group on a silo-to-silo basis – Mobile/Tablet and Desktop. With the success
of the aforementioned, ThumbAd later suggested an ‘Always-On’ strategy.

Continuing with the success of the first campaign and letting users be exposed to CA’s
ongoing advertisement to build a cookie pool and better target prospective and current

The Results

The ‘Always-On’ strategy exemplified tremendous success. ThumbAd was able to build a
pool of data and cookie users who had interest in CA’s products and generate
conversions. The outcome of switching to an ‘Always-On’ strategy thus decreased CPA
on Mobile/Tablet by 54.35% and 56.02% on Desktop – overall timeline of campaigns.

take away table

take away chart

So, why do we see these drastic changes and what did we do to get to this success?

  • Soft conversion tags and retargeting tags were implemented across CA’s site which allowed ThumbAd to retarget users who have already shown interest in CA as well as retarget users who have started the conversion process and dropped off.
  • Adjusted the targeting segments – focusing more on users interested in the specific target segment group (falling under take-away/restaurant data segments).
  • Optimized on:
    • Top performing sites, while blacklisting lower performers
    • Geos – more aggressive geo-targeting surrounding locations
    • Creative sizes
    • Frequency caps
    • Inventory Channels
    • Time of Day (TOD) and Day of Week (DOW) targeting
      • Optimizing towards the better performing hours in the day and days of week
      • Setting up ‘Bursts’ for promotional periods on certain days of the week


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