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By thumbad, posted on November 10, 2016

Digging deeper into the topic of Viewability, Thumbad has an increased focus on showing viewable ads, and thus have launched a Viewability Guaranteed solution for advertisers.

Earlier this year we wrote a case study about Viewability for one of our clients. The report explained the basics and the important role it has in digital advertising. But why is it so significant? Well, because it’s basically the metric that determines how viewable your impression actually is. And in this day and age where fraud lingers to be an issue, advertisers, agencies and ad networks take every bit of precaution to make sure minimal to no fraud emerges.

Advertisers pay a ton of money to promote their product and they expect every impression to be viewable to their target market – 100% viewability is what they expect. Sorry to burst the bubble, but we’re still quite a bit away from that expectation. Previously, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) declared that standards should increase over time, and that most markets should see better results with their strict guidelines. Luckily, that was true for the most part.

Recently, European metrics solution company Meetrics released their 2016 Q3 results of Viewability Benchmarks. On the international level, we see a consistent trend of 56% average viewability, while the view time increases slightly. Top European markets see changes Quarter-to-Quarter, and that’s quite understandable. The more relevant the content is, the better influence and interaction the user takes to relate to your product. Sounds pretty straightforward.

One thing you have to understand, is that programmatic advertising is like the stock market. Prices go up and down depending on the day, hour, minute, millisecond, etc. – it truly is dynamic. Fluctuation in prices based on users within the advertiser’s target group all depend on how focal it is and how in-demand the user is to the advertiser.

We took matters in our own hands and wanted our clients to benefit in having these standards and high viewability applied to their campaign. As of late August, early September of this year, ThumbAd introduced guaranteed viewability. However, the downside to this means that the cost would somewhat increase to win that impression, as well as a drop of available inventory.

Here are three (3) campaigns, we recently ran with guaranteed viewability. The results surprised us just as much as they will for you.

 Client A – Telecom. It took only a day or so to get the In-View rates to 70%+

Client B – Fast Food, FMCG. Here we reached levels 80%+ In-View rates.

Client C – Food & Beverage, FMCG. This campaign also hit above average In-View rates at 60%+

ThumbAd understands and acknowledges the importance of viewability, but most of all we respect the advertiser to provide them with the possibility of having guaranteed high viewability. We thrive to be the best in the market, and expand in implementing the latest and newest features available out there for our clients to use.


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